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The Buzz: a fun, game-oriented, interactive, and engaging approach to alcohol education

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The recommended format is to have your counselors, RAs, Greek Life Office, Campus Health, Wellness, and student representatives, etc. experience a Buzz presentation and/or train-the-trainers workshop. Consultation on presentation content, style and delivery will be covered.

Buzz training workshops are frequently rated the best and certainly the most fun training workshop that most people have attended. They are 3 hours in length and will extensively cover all the Buzz activities and how to facilitate them as well as learning how to alter them for specific groups and group size. Together we will identify the most important alcohol education messages and topics that your school wants to make sure it addresses to its student population. Perhaps most importantly, I also cover and model the dynamics of how to facilitate student learning by teaching concepts of experiential learning and utilizing the power of play, connection and multiple intelligence learning modalities. This is the part of the program that makes it more of a joy to deliver alcohol education messaging. Students will then experience such messaging in a relevant and meaningful manner that has the great potential for affecting positive cognitive, affective, and behavioral change.

I have facilitated Buzz training workshops with just student and student stake-holders such as health advocates, RAs and peer educators or with professional Wellness, counseling, DOS, residence life and other student-servicing staff. However, my favorite trainings are the ones where there is a combination of both student and professional staff. I find it validating (as do the participants) when the professional staff can see actual students really resonating with how The Buzz is facilitated. I like to limit the number of attendees to no more than 40 so we can have a sense of connectedness and ability for dialogue and sharing. That number is flexible if needed.

For high school districts, utilizing The Buzz as college preparation alcohol education, it is recommended to bring in your counselors, identified teachers, nurses and other student services personnel for a train the trainer workshop with Spencer.

I am always available for free phone consults before and after your Buzz training workshop and am highly motivated that The Buzz succeeds well at your school like it has here at the UA.

So give me a call and let's discuss the possibilities bringing The Buzz to your school.


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