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The Buzz: a fun, game-oriented, interactive, and engaging approach to alcohol education

About the Creator of The Buzz About the Creator of The Buzz

Spencer Gorin is an internationally known presenter, author, and originator of multiple programs that increase empathy, connection, self-regulation and discovery.

Spencer’s creative slant as a developer of services, milieu, and programming began at various mental health and in-patient psychiatric settings. It was there as a nurse, front-line interventionist, Triage/Enrollment Supervisor for mental health services, and Youth Service Coordinator that Spencer realized the importance of interactive play and facilitated dialogue to address success in human relations and critical thinking.

In 1992, Spencer co-created the anti-bullying, character education program, Healthy Play IS a Solution and soon after co-authored the book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, Curriculum and Activities for Classroom and Playground Management, (revised third edition). Through the Healthy Play program, Spencer has not only trained thousands of teachers, counselors and other youth-serving professionals but has also directly worked with over 150,000 students.

In 2010, the University of Arizona brought Spencer in to capitalize on his unique, playful and engaging methodologies to create an alcohol education program that college students would actually enjoy participating in, learn from, and identify personal intent to moderate drinking behaviors. The serious problem of college student alcohol consumption demanded a different way of reaching students. The Buzz and Spencer’s facilitated-learning approach quickly made this one of the most sought after presentations by residence halls and Greek chapters. Finally, there is a way to deliver harm reduction and moderation messaging that students are joyously receptive to.

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