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The Buzz: a fun, game-oriented, interactive, and engaging approach to alcohol education

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“The BUZZ has filled a gap in innovative alcohol education programming at Northern Arizona University. Students seem to genuinely have fun during these presentations. This is a wonderful example of how to make health promotion activities engaging.”

– Melissa Griffin, MA, CAGS, Health Promotion, Campus Health Services, Northern Arizona University

“Cal State San Bernardino’s THR!VE Health Promotion department implemented The Buzz program for our incoming freshmen this summer. It’s already a huge success! It was easy to adapt to our needs. Spencer helped us choose the portions that would be best for our situation: freshmen students in groups of 150 with only 45 minutes to present! The program is offered in the evening from 7-9 p.m. after our students have been in class all day. The play based format keeps our students actively engaged throughout the program even though they are tired and academically fatigued. It’s amazing to see! By the time this summer is over, approximately 3,000 of our students will have attended the program. We’ve never been able to reach so many students so quickly. The Buzz is a top notch program that I highly recommend!”

– Tess Webster-Henry, Senior Health Educator, Cal State San Bernardino

“My residents for the New Start Summer Program LOVED the Buzz. They truly enjoy learning through the 'game-show-esque' stylings of the program, and gained a lot of knowledge. That, to me, is astounding.”

– Carlos Tavares, RA/New Start Leader
, The University of Arizona

“The Buzz helps students in Residence Life have a realistic and interactive way to understand alcohol consumption. This helps students to make the best educated decision regarding their choices surrounding alcohol.”

– Rosanna Curti, Assistant Director, Student Behavioral Education, Residence Life
, The University of Arizona

“I have attended the Buzz presentation twice in the last two semesters and I can say without hesitation that this presentation is one of the most informational alcohol education presentations that I have seen. It keeps everyone involved through interactive activities which truly give the presentation another dimension that other presentations do not offer. I would strongly recommend other Greek chapters to introduce their members to the Buzz..”

– Ryan Locke, President of Delta Tau Delta, The University of Arizona

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