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The Buzz: a fun, game-oriented, interactive, and engaging approach to alcohol education

Student TestimonialsStudent Testimonials

“LOVE the Presentation!”

Involving us in our learning is revolutionary! Please tell others to do this!”

“Because The Buzz is a lively, active, and positive presentation we are most likely to listen as opposed to a boring, strict lecture where you’re likely to shrug everything off.”

Learned great information about alcohol consumption that I didn’t know.”

“The interactive presentation communicated the information well. It was easy to focus and understand. I like that it wasn’t a lecture format.”

“The Buzz Ball activity opened up the conversation. Also, the speaker’s personal stories and knowledge makes him relatable and trustworthy.”

I thought it was a quality presentation because it kept people involved and was informational. I give it 100%!”

“Phenomenal Job!! I really liked how you got everyone involved instead of just speaking at us. I enjoyed the “future” activity because it gave everyone the opportunity to think about what’s important them and how to get there.”

I had so much Fun!!!”

I believe more people need to see this presentation. Actively participating is really useful and informative.”

“Loved the interaction with the group. All the activities were entertaining.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to present to our chapter! It was a great presentation.”

“Got all the students involved. It was great to have this lively presentation.”

I really enjoyed how the presentation was hand-on and included the students. I enjoyed the analogy with the multiple balls. Interesting and engaging.”

“Very good connection between the activities and drinking. I thought it was great!”

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