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The Buzz: a fun, game-oriented, interactive, and engaging approach to alcohol education

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Getting Ready for
Your Buzz Presentation

Once I receive your contact information I will call or email you to set up a date and time for your Buzz presentation.

When I facilitate The Buzz I will need an adequate space for some of the activities. Most Residence halls and Greek Chapters have such a space. Most of the time, we'll be sitting down but I have a few fun activities that will require standing up in a fairly large circle and tossing around some balls.

Please select 10 of your residents to participate in the first game show like activity. Don't let them know they have been picked as it will be a delightful surprise for them. Just get me a list with their names and I will have them "Come on down" just like a TV game show. Participants should be people who are not too shy so they won't be embarrassed or too rambunctious that they might get carried away. If you don’t know in advance who might be attending I will just randomly assign teams when I get there for this activity. If your group has less than 20 people there is no need to send me a list as I will create “teams” when I arrive.

How many people do you project might attend? Knowing this number will help me regarding whether I bring a PA system or not and deciding on specific activities.

Additionally, some RA’s and Chapter Officers choose to collect a bunch of questions from their residents/members prior to the presentation related to alcohol such as specific concerns regarding things like MIPs, alcohol poisoning, what one can do for friends who may be abusing or becoming dependent, what is a standard drink, why women and men process alcohol differently, can women get beer bellies, etc. Please email them to me a week before the presentation at

I will give you a courtesy call on the same day of the presentation to make sure everything is still a go and to finalize anything as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (520) 621-4519. Letting me know where the best/closest place might be for parking my car will also be helpful.

I look forward to working in collaboration with you and your crew.

Spencer Gorin, RN


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